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Farm effluent is a resource, not a waste. Effective and efficient effluent disposal systems take time to plan, install and manage. But the returns gained through better use of the dairy farm effluent, together with a user-friendly system, can far offset the initial time and financial investment.

Williams Engineering provide a comprehensive range of equipment designed for varying farm types, situations and terrains while complying with environment requirements. With pump pontoons and booms to suit small tanks to large ponds, in-line filters with various screen sizes, zero-0-loss hydrants configured to transfer effluent to all corners of your property, PTO pumps, PTO pond stirrers, and the Williams "Spider" range of travelling irrigators, Williams Engineering have a product to suit your needs.

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We believe there are several important points that should be carefully considered to ensure that the efficiency and effectiveness of the pumping is always achieved. Having pumped the effluent to the end of the main line, reducing all head losses possible, you do not need restrictions in your irrigator through bad design in plumbing robbing you of pressure. You must consider the environment the machine is working in and the effects that effluent has on equipment that may have been designed for applications other than effluent.

Williams "Spider" range of travelling irrigators have the ability to cover a wide range of differing terrains, to spread at the desired volume-to-area ratio, and to obtain optimum pasture growth rates. It is designed to provide a superior end result for effluent spray disposal systems.

It is important for you to be given advice and information on dairy effluent disposal systems that suit your situation on your farm. A free on-site or farm-plan consultation is offered either directly or through our experienced nationwide dealer network.