Product Information

Safety Options

For New and Existing Pontoons

At Williams in the past 2 years we have been working on New options to add to Williams range of New and existing floating pontoon to make service safer, while making our pontoon work more effiently when a stirrer is fitted plus also making the pontoon more stable.

Our New options range from, handrails down your boom to Full inclosed cages.

The latest Pontoon option is a upgrade to our old 6 drum pontoon, we make a kitset that uses all the parts off the existing pontoon but adds in longer rails to make the width of the pontoon wider by 1250mm, in doing this, this makes the pontoon more stable with its wider foot print plus just a 625mm gap on each side of the pontoon with we make a standing platform which makes access to the pumps grease nipples safer.

This Kit set is easy to fit, the only cutting that has to happen is cutting the existing double drum brackets in half, this can be done with a hacksaw.

The part code for this kit for a 6 drum is POPLATKIT6 or POPLATKIT4 for a 4 drum pontoon.

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