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Super Spider

90/250G, 90/250S, 90/300G, 90/300S

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Most Required Parts Quantity
SP5 Camfollower Assembly
SS107 Rotor Spindle
SS110 Side Plate Nylon Bearings
SP1 Power Nozzle
SP2 Nozzle Clamp
SS900 Cam Service Kit, bearings, seals,oring and circlip only
SS1 250m of 5mm Galv Wire Rope with fittings
SS2 250m of 5mm Stainless Steel Wire rope with fittings
SS3 300m of 5mm Galv Wire rope with fittings
SS4 300m of 5mm Stainless Wire Rope with fittings
Travelling Irrigators Quantity
SS90/250 G Super Spider 90/250G
SS90/250 S Super Spider 90/250S
SS90/300 G Super Spider 90/300G
SS90/300 S Super Spider 90/300S
Wire Layer Quantity
WLSS Wire Layer Super Spider
Cam Quantity
SS106 Cam and Bearing Housing
BEAR6012 Bearing Top
CIRCLIP60 Circlip
SEAL60X95 Seal
M10X35SS SS 304 Bolt
BEAR6013 Bearing Bottom
NYLOC10SS SS Nyloc Nut
SS107 Rotor Spindle (tapered S/S pipe that carries bearings)
ORING76X4 O ring
M10X40G Galv Bolt with Nut
WASHERSP10 Spring Washer
SS900 Cam Service Kit, bearings, seals, oring and circlip only
Camfollower Quantity
SP5B Bolt with grease nipple
SP5C 16mm SS Flat Washer
SP5D Bush S/S
SP5E Bearing Camfollower
SP5 Complete Assembly
Tooth Quantity
SP111 Rachet Tooth
SP113 Tooth pin including split pins
Springs Quantity
SP7 Tooth Spring
SP8 Crank Return Spring
SP3/3 Brake Spring
SP21 Barrel Spring (takes strain off wire when irrigator is tripped out)
Brake Assembly Quantity
SP3 Brake Assembly
SP3/2 Brake Block
SP3/3 Spring
WSGF10 Galv Flat Washer
SP301 Splitpin
Rotor Boom Quantity
SP114 Rotor Centre
SP115 Rotor Intermediate Extensions
SP91 Rotor Outer Extension (incl nozzle, clamp & quick release fittings)
SP118 Stay Support Pole & Bolt
SP119 Stay Rod Adaptor
SP1M Nozzle quick release fittings male
SP1F Nozzle quick release fitting female
SP1 Power Nozzle with 13mm hole
SP2 Nozzle Clamp
SP0 Nozzle with Clamp and Quick Release Fittings
SEAL60x75 Rotor Seal 60 x 75 (x3 per machine)
Wire Accessories Quantity
WIRE5G Wire rope 5mm Galv per metre
WIRE5SS Wire rope 5mm SS per metre
SLEEVE5 5mm Sleeve (crimp)
THIMBLE5 5mm Thimble (eye)
SS120 Trip Wire
SHACKLE4 Trip Wire Shackle
SP121 Wire Guide (where the wire runs through on irrigator)
SP66 Anchoring Chain, Grab Hook and D Shackle
SP7 Wire Guide Spring
SP21 Barrell Spring
SP22 Barrell Washer
SP20 Wire Stop (lets you stop the irrigator anywhere along the rope)
Drum and Crank Quantity
SS105 Speed Change Plate
SS103 Winch Drum Assembly
SS104 Crank Complete
SP108 Left Bearing Side Plate (includes bush)
SP109 Right Bearing Side Plate (includes bush)
SS110 Side Plate Nylon Bearing
SP4 Winch Crank Handle
Wheels Quantity
SP11 Wheel Assembly
SP11B Wheel Bush /pair
B3 Wheel Lynch Pin
WSGF20 20mm Galv Flat Washer
Tow Hitch Quantity
SP45 Tow Hitch Assembly (incl bolts)
Tri Anchor Quantity
Main Frame Quantity
SS101 Rear frame and axle
SS102 Front frame and drawbar