Product Information

Elba 6500

This pump is specifically designed for effluent, is PTO driven and either trailer or 3 point linkage mounted. When combined with the Williams Spider range of travelling irrigators, it becomes an efficient unit for spreading high volumes of effluent or water from ponds and tanks.

The Elba series consists of an overgear and a centrifugal pump. Used for handling liquid sewage and liquids in general, it finds application sewage spreading.

Features -

  • Overdrive gearbox
  • 3 metres of 3" discharge hose
  • 5 metre of 150mm suction hose
  • Hand operated priming pump
  • Double valved outlet
  • 3.2 metre stirrer lance
  • Camlocked outlet for the main line and the other for the recycling stirrer line and stirrer pipe
  • 10 metre stirrer line
  • Heavy duty PTO drive shaft
  • Mechanical seal


Elba pamphlet
26 Nov '09 | 0.55 Mb Adobe Acrobat .pdf File


Specifications at 540rpm Elba 3500 Elba 6500
Maximum capacity/litres/min 1600 2100
Maximum head/litres 40 60
Maximum absorbed power/kw 32 70
Gear Ratio 1 : 4 1 : 4

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