About Williams Engineering (2011) Ltd

Situated 90 kilometres south of Auckland [click to view location], Williams Engineering (2011) Limited is a rural based agricultural manufacturing business owned and managed by Andrew Williams.

Founded by Neville Williams, an Engineer with four generations of dairy farming background to call on, started designing and building farm machinery for the local market while running his service station. In 1983 he upsized to the Yates Peat Works building on the Hauraki Plains and began manufacturing slurry tankers and he's been in the effluent business ever since.

For over 40 years Williams Engineering have been manufacturing high quality, well designed, practical, user friendly, cost effective farm machinery. By 1984 the company was specializing in the manufacture of effluent disposal equipment and systems.

The focus of the company is to ensure farmers install the best cost effective system for their situation. Williams Engineering provide a comprehensive range of purpose designed and manufactured equipment for complete effluent systems, meeting requirements for all farm types. It is of vital importance that the support and services provided reaches the same quality and professionalism as that of their manufactured products.

The company's successes in recent years is due to innovations and practicalities incorporated during the designing process. Demand for their machinery has spread beyond the local market to America, UK, Ireland, Mexico, Chile, Uruguay, South Africa and Australia. Williams Engineering are world leaders in dairy effluent machinery design and manufacture.

Farm effluent should be considered a resource, not a waste, and with proper handling and management, the benefits can far offset the costs. It is important to get the right advice and information on the effluent disposal system that suits your situation on your farm.

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